• Swiss Financiers announces a Joint Venture to launch the PreIPO Exchange corporation, an innovative marketplace for private companies.
Swiss Financiers announces a Joint Venture to launch the PreIPO Exchange corporation, an innovative marketplace for private companies.

Swiss Financiers advises companies raising financing from the public securities markets and generally orchestrates their IPO by assembling the support team and syndicating the underwriters.
Intellectual Property Securities Corporation (IPSE) Receives NASDAQ Ticker, Announces Intent To List Via IPO.

Intellectual Property Securities Corporation (IPSE) just received its NASDAQ ticker and announces their intent to list through a traditional IPO in 2021
Earth & Sky Corporation has started its IPO process to be listed on the NASDAQ

Earth and Sky is an eco-responsible corporation active in 3 distinctive industries: hospitality, agriculture, and the production of essential oils.
Eiffel International Corporation Launches an Open Call to Cities, States and Governments.

Eiffel Corporation, that is going to develop 10 new Eiffel Districts worldwide is calling upon Cities, States, Governments and Landowners to join the program to become one of the ten selected new districts. 
Eiffel International Corporation prepares a USD 20 Billion IPO with multiple listings on major Securities Markets. 

Eiffel International Corporation objective is to finance 10 large scale Eiffel districts around the world promoting French culture and excellence.
African unicorn MobiGroup intends to go beyond a valuation of USD 6 Billion+ as it prepares for its Nasdaq IPO

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Swiss Financiers is managed by a group of entrepreneurs and experts that have a proven track record in finance, innovation, start-up funding, governance, management and leadership. Its team has a vast historic experience in financial affairs and banking. Each of the founding partners has a distinctive background from specialized yet complimentary sectors of the industry. Swiss Financiers has expertise in areas such as: investments, venture capital, private equity, debt, securities and investment banking. Collectively, the team came to the same conclusion that business and investment banks approach were too complex and too expensive to correctly serve the majority of companies in need of support. The team is committed to innovative IPO financing solutions supporting companies when they need it and not when they are successful.

Swiss Financiers team :

Supports incubated companies through its network of mentors and active investors that typically includes providing expert Board of Director participation and guiding senior management
Assists incubated companies with transactional financing activities such as private investments, secondary offerings, debt financing, etc and leverages its extensive active investment banking relationships
Is a dealmaker between incubated companies, industry leaders and executives worldwide, fast tracking successful transactions with investment banks, institutional investors and debt lendersSwiss Financiers Team Has :
Listed 179 IPOs on major securities market
Orchestrated Debt and/or Mezzanine Capital Financing for USD 2B+
An active deal flow of 6 companies ready to go public
A current mandate to establish a Strategic SPAC
Developed Patent Pending Business Methods to accelerate and improve the process of IPO
An active and strong network of brokers dealers with access accredited investors looking for private placement opportunities